35 Climate, Clean Energy and Labor Organizations Launch “Made By US” Clean Energy Storytelling Campaign

Joint campaign will educate Americans on successes of the Inflation Reduction Act by uplifting real stories highlighting benefits

Made by US launches alongside a six figure television and digital ad campaign

Washington, D.C. — Climate Power and over 30 partners today launched the Made by US campaign aimed at educating Americans on the successes of President Biden’s clean energy plan. The Made by US campaign will lift up stories and showcase the workers and communities benefiting from the clean energy plan through earned and paid media, digital campaigns, and a series of events throughout August and into fall. 

To kick off the campaign, Made by US is launching a six figure television and digital ad campaign. “Dana,” airing nationally, features a new mom who has a well-paying job with good benefits in clean energy that is emblematic of the 170k+ new jobs already created by President Biden’s historic clean energy plan in the past year. It will be complemented by full paid print and digital ads in key markets across the country.

“The Made in America clean energy boom is happening here, and it’s happening right now,” said Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes. “Investments made possible by President Biden’s clean energy plan are revitalizing communities and bringing back good-paying jobs. It’s imperative that we tell the stories of the workers across the country who have benefitted from the Inflation Reduction Act and make sure Americans understand that our clean energy boom is just getting started.” 

The Made by US campaign includes 35 critical organizations across the climate and clean energy space.  

Read what our partners have to say about this new initiative, below.

Thanks to President Biden’s economic agenda, we are breathing new life into American manufacturing, and creating a new economy that is made in America, by American workers, for American workers,” said McKenzie Wilson, spokesperson for Building Back Together. “Through Bidenomics, the Biden-Harris Administration has spurred a record level of U.S. manufacturing and clean energy investments not seen in decades, and with it new, good-paying jobs in communities all across the country. Building Back Together is proud to stand with the Made By US coalition to celebrate the Biden-Harris economy that is growing the middle class, lowering costs, and building an economy from the bottom up and middle out – not the top down.” 

“We do not have to look far to see the consequences of the climate crisis. Last month was the hottest month in history, and scientists are now forecasting a highly active hurricane season. But thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, we have a fighting chance of averting the worst impacts of climate change while strengthening our economy and saving lives. In just one year since its passage, the Inflation Reduction Act is delivering wins to communities across the United States. From creating thousands of new union jobs in the clean energy economy, to garnering billions of dollars in investments in domestic manufacturing, to slashing families’ utility bills, the Inflation Reduction Act and President Biden’s broader investment agenda are combating the climate crisis while growing the middle class. The “Made By Us” campaign will spotlight beneficiaries of these investments and demonstrate the many ways real people are building the clean energy future,” said Trevor Higgins at Center for American Progress.

“One year after its passage, the Inflation Reduction Act has underpinned a stunning clean energy boom that is powering a U.S. manufacturing revitalization,” said Anne Kelly, vice president of government relations, Ceres. “It goes to show why smart companies and investors long sought this kind of federal climate investment: not only will it lower the risk of dangerous pollution and climate disasters that present immense risk to our economy, but it provides a robust foundation to grow the U.S. economy for decades to come,“ said Anne Kelly, Vice President of Government Affairs at Ceres.

“Not only has the Inflation Reduction Act led to a renaissance of cleantech manufacturing, but small clean energy businesses are seeing an economic boom through this windfall of investments in innovation and the deployment of clean energy in communities across the U.S.,” said Lynn Abramson, President of Clean Energy Business Network.

“America’s clean energy workforce is stronger than ever, thanks to President Biden’s Affordable Clean Energy Plan and laws like Inflation Reduction Act, IIJA and CHIPS Act. And that means more paychecks for workers, more consumer savings on their energy bills, more jobs coming back to the U.S., and true energy security. That’s why it’s vital this historic boom continues – we need this workforce to power our country to new heights, and they are,” said Andrew Reagan, Executive Director of Clean Energy for America.

“Climate Cabinet Action is thrilled to join the ‘Made in the US’ campaign because climate action means jobs — simple as that. And like other partners, we want to make sure the next industrial age is made in America. President Joe Biden’s Clean Energy Plan delivers the kind of game-changing win-win for states and cities that creates good, union jobs while also lowering pollution rates across the nation. Biden has made billions of dollars available for the clean energy transition — and now it’s in the hands of state and local elected leaders to leverage these dollars to maximize pollution clean up, benefit communities, and create good union jobs. Climate Cabinet Action will do everything possible to ensure climate champions use the President’s Clean Energy Plan to  legislate for the brighter future we all deserve,” said Emma Fisher, Deputy Director at Climate Cabinet Action.

“With worsening storms and heat waves across the country, the climate crisis is hitting workers first and worst. Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, we are fighting the climate crisis while creating a whole new generation of union jobs you can count on to raise a family and retire with security. From utility-scale solar in Wisconsin to offshore wind in Maine, unions and state climate jobs coalitions are taking advantage of President Biden’s bold policies to create a clean energy economy that works for everyone,” said Mike Fishman, President and Executive Director of the Climate Jobs National Resource Center.

“Climate Mayors are proudly committed to investing in clean energy built in cities and creating good-paying green jobs available to all residents thanks to historic federal investments in the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the American Rescue Plan. By fostering a diverse workforce and fortifying the middle class, this clean energy boom is building a more sustainable and equitable future for cities of all sizes,” said Kate Wright, Executive Director for Climate Mayors.

“With heartfelt delight, Corazón Latino joins in the celebration of the launch of the “Made by US” Clean Energy Campaign, in unison with the numerous partners who’ve steadfastly advocated for transformative environmental justice. The Inflation Reduction Act, a collective triumph, heralds the opportunity to revive Madre Tierra as we replace our energy sources, an action that will redefine our legacy for generations to come. Our mission is resolute: clean air for our children’s laughter, untainted land for their food, and an abundance of pristine water. We look forward to making the transition from a past marred by costly and polluting energy sources to a future illuminated by clean, homegrown alternatives necessary for the continuation of our ecosystems. Nurturing our Madre Tierra is reciprocal care—she tends to us as we tend to her,” said Felipe Benitez at Corazón Latino.

“Across the United States, we are seeing federal investment accelerate the creation of good, green jobs in communities that need them the most. In Boston, the city is investing in electrifying their school bus fleet, leading to healthier trips to school for children, new job opportunities and a reduction in the city’s impact on the climate. The one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act marks just the beginning, and mayors across the country are meeting the moment head on,” said Laura Jay, Regional Director for North America with C40 Cities.

“I just visited some of the electric vehicle, solar panel, and battery factories popping up throughout the country, and I can tell you definitively we’re in the middle of an American economic revolution like we haven’t seen in generations, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act and other policies. With the economic costs of climate change rising like a thermometer in July, this made-in-America clean energy boom couldn’t come at a better time,” said Bob Keefe, E2 Executive Director of the National Nonpartisan Business Group.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is supercharging our clean energy transition and tackling the climate crisis head-on by funding a new green economy,” said Earthjustice President, Abigail Dillen. “By spurring investments in communities across the county, this legislation is making a brighter future possible in every state across this country. Ensuring that everyone benefits from the IRA also means the transformational investments must benefit clean energy without expanding fossil fuel infrastructure and dependence. Our children and grandchildren are relying on our ability to meet this moment. We must continue to fight against attacks from congressional Republicans that would undermine progress and jeopardize our planet and their futures.”

“The IRA clean energy efforts are a win for the climate, our communities, and especially for children, our most vulnerable population. Without dispute, clean energy means less air pollution and therefore improved health outcomes like lower rates of asthma. At Eco Madres, we bring attention to issues like the disproportionate cases of asthma in the Latino community, a population traditionally on the frontlines of poor air quality as workers as well as in the fenceline neighborhoods they call home.  And while the clean air from clean energy will result in healthier lives of children and less toxic communities, the millions of  jobs generated by this plan for everyday workers will provide a clear path for sustained financial wellbeing,” said Isabel González Whitaker with Eco Madres.

“In more than ten years investing at the intersection of climate and community, we have never seen a moment quite like this. Elemental is on the ground with entrepreneurs, communities and projects in all 50 states – and we see the impact of new U.S. clean energy policies every day. First, we see new jobs: our portfolio companies have created more than 5,000 jobs and have more than 750 openings for new, well-paying jobs, right now. Second, we see new investment in American entrepreneurs; across our portfolio of more than 150 companies, we have seen more than $600M of investment flow in just the one year since the Inflation Reduction Act passed. These entrepreneurs are making buses more efficient, bringing down energy bills for American households, increasing the availability of local, healthy food, and building the path to a more sustainable, equitable future.” said Dawn Lippert, Elemental Excelerator

“We’re already seeing significant benefits across the U.S. from this clean energy boom. When we invest in clean energy, we strengthen the ability of people and communities to thrive by creating jobs, reducing pollution and providing reliable and affordable energy. Together, let’s continue to move rapidly toward a cleaner and healthier future for everyone,” said Amanda Leland at the Environmental Defense Fund.

“President Biden’s clean energy plan is driving an American manufacturing renaissance that will make us a leader in the global clean energy economy for decades to come. With hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding targeted towards the communities and sectors where it’s most needed, and incentives that are driving billions more in private investment, the Inflation Reduction Act is creating jobs that people can count on to raise their families and retire with peace of mind. Just one year in, the IRA is showing how we can fight the climate crisis by investing in America’s best resource—our workers,” said Lena Moffitt, Executive Director of Evergreen Action.

For generations, Latinos/as/es have been on the front lines of environmental injustice, disproportionately exposed to toxic pollution from power plants, highways, ports, and other industrial facilities concentrated in our communities, compromising the health and well-being of our communities. As a community of Latino/a/e leaders fighting for political, economic, cultural, and environmental liberation, GreenLatinos is proud to join the Made by US Clean Energy Campaign to highlight what the Inflation Reduction Act is doing to bring the most needed clean air and energy investments to nuestras comunidades,” said Irene Burga, Climate Justice & Clean Air Program Director of GreenLatinos.

“Our nation is strongest when we manufacture goods and materials right here in the United States and when we build our economy by improving our communities. Government funding for manufacturing and construction should create good paying jobs with training, benefits, and opportunities for working people to advance their careers and care for their families in every community. President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan is doing exactly that while helping Ironworkers to build a future we can all be proud of,” said Ross Templeton, Legislative & Political Director of Iron Workers Union. 

“We’re happy to be part of this campaign because we know the more people hear about the affordable clean energy plan, the more they like it. Who better to hear from than the clean energy workers fueling this economic boom themselves?” said Pete Maysmith, SVP of Campaigns at the League of Conservation Voters. 

“The investments in clean energy and the commitment to fight climate change in the Inflation Reduction Act one year ago were historic and long overdue. Because of this legislation, we are making good on the urgent need to combat climate change and build a real clean energy economy that creates sustainable jobs in communities across the country. MoveOn members applaud the leadership of President Biden and Congressional Democrats who refused to let the moment pass last year without taking action. As we look ahead to what’s at stake in the next election, our members will be looking for vision and resolve from our leaders in the White House and Capitol Hill to build on the climate related commitment of the IRA so that we continue to make necessary advancements,” said Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn.

“The climate crisis’s toll is measured in lives lost, homes and businesses destroyed, and communities upended — and its costs are felt first and worst by frontline communities. One year ago the president and Congress said enough is enough by passing the historic Inflation Reduction Act,” said Mustafa Santiago Ali, Executive Vice President for the National Wildlife Federation. “The Inflation Reduction Act is a foundation that we need to build upon — and it demonstrates how the best solutions lift up all communities, create opportunity for working- and middle-class families, and address the persistent and pernicious pollution that is harming so many Black, Latinx, Indigenous, rural, and lower-wealth white communities.”  

“No law in recent memory has brought this much ambition to a challenge this urgent and begun with this much promise. One year on, it has sparked a heartland manufacturing renaissance with clean energy at its core, creating tens of thousands of jobs in red states and blue. It’s strengthening the supply chain for the building blocks of a modern economy. It’s positioned the country for dramatic cuts in the carbon pollution that’s driving the climate crisis. As millions swelter in record heat, coral reefs bleach in 100-degree seas, and wildfire smoke blots out the sun, a summer of cascading climate disasters makes all too clear the need to build on these gains, not retreat from them,” said Manish Bapna, President and CEO of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

“In the tapestry of progress, it is the vigor and vision of Young Americans that have woven the threads of the Made in America clean energy boom. Guided by the ideals of sustainability and shared responsibility, this generation stands as the architects of a transformative era.  These solutions, nurtured on our native soil, are as boundless as our aspirations. Rooted in President Biden’s visionary clean energy plan, this groundswell has kindled opportunities that span the expanse of our nation. As we march forward, the backbone of this clean energy revolution is forged by the courage of countless young leaders. But let us be reminded, this is not the summit; it is but the foothills of what is yet to come. Our clean energy boom is the creation of us all. Young Americans stand as stewards of change, architects of a future illuminated by clean energy’s promise. With each advancement, we stitch a legacy of responsibility and possibility. Our clean energy boom is Made By US—our hands, minds, and hearts—a promise to our future and our planet,” said Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, President of NextGen America.

“Poder Latinx is proud to join the launch of the Made by US campaign to highlight the accomplishments of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has had over the past year. The Latinx community across the United States is benefitting from various provisions of the IRA and making their communities cleaner and greener in the making! This anniversary, we are making sure that communities like ours are informed of the investments they can access for home & business and on how they can access these benefits,” said Yadira Sanchez, Executive Director of Poder Latinx. 

“Rewiring America is proud to partner with Climate Power on the Made by US campaign. Electrification and the clean energy transition are not only one of the largest job creation opportunities in our nation’s history but also an investment in every American’s personal infrastructure: their home and vehicle,” said Ari Matusiak, CEO of Rewiring America. “The clean energy future will not only be made by us—it’s made for us, and will unlock hundreds to thousands of dollars in annual savings for households across America.” 

“The Inflation Reduction Act has already sparked unprecedented investment in our nation’s clean energy economy, putting SMART members to work in Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan and beyond. This will only continue: By taking on the climate crisis through investing in green transportation, battery and electric vehicle production, and clean energy made right here in the United States, this groundbreaking legislation will create generational opportunity for SMART members and other union workers. We will continue to work with officials and communities across the country to implement funding in a way that puts workers first,” said Michael Coleman, General President of SMART.

“As believers in a more sustainable tomorrow, Sachamama is inspired by the positive outcomes of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This anniversary reinforces our commitment to highlighting the tangible benefits of clean energy within communities. Teaming up with Climate Power’s ‘Made By US’ campaign, we join voices to amplify these stories, nurturing a path towards enduring transformation. Together, we cultivate awareness and advocacy, sowing the seeds for a brighter future beyond this meaningful milestone,”  said Johani Ponce at Sachamama.

“President Biden said it best with his comment ‘When I think of climate change, I think jobs.’ Addressing the climate crisis is not merely a moral imperative demanding action, it is an opportunity to create millions of good, union jobs in communities across the country — and that is exactly what the IRA is doing. Together, we will protect clean air and water, we’ll create jobs that support families and communities, and we’ll ensure a livable future for generations now and those to come,” said Ben Jealous, Sierra Club Executive Director.