This Week in Climate & Clean Energy Wins: Week of 12/2:

DATE: December 2, 2022
CONTACT: Erik Mebust,

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$13 BILLION $75 MILLION 800+ 
The Biden administration’s investment in expanding and modernizing the grid.KORE Power’s latest fundraising round to build another battery Gigafactory in ArizonaThe number of jobs that LG Chem will create with their battery plant in Tennessee.

Clean energy companies continued their massive spurt of new investments in American made clean energy, with over $3 billion announced this week for new factories in Tennessee and Arizona. Analysts and utility executives painted a picture of the Inflation Reduction Act luring factories for clean energy products to America from European and Chinese manufacturers, and making things like domestically produced batteries and green hydrogen profitable for the first time. The Biden administration continued to power this transformation, including through $13 billion in new funding for expanding and modernizing the grid and $550 million for lowering energy costs, as well as a suite of new regulations to make energy production cleaner.

Thanks to the clean energy tax incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act, clean energy companies are continuing to launch major new initiatives across the country: 

The Inflation Reduction Act tax incentives are so successful, they are drawing investment in new manufacturing facilities away from Europe to the U.S.:

Clean energy is providing innovative solutions in states to modernize and expand grid infrastructure and helping to create new job opportunities: 

Due to the Inflation Reduction Act, companies, states, and workers that have been hesitant to transition to clean energy, are now embracing the clean energy incentives in the historic climate law: 

This week, the Biden administration announced a grant to update America’s school infrastructure with clean energy, and released new rules and regulations to support tribal communities and workers: 

And in case you missed this while we were off last week, the Biden Administration announced new multi billion dollar clean energy investments and rolled out an economic justice screening tool: