Ahead of Tax Day: Clean Energy Tax Credits in North Carolina

Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, North Carolinians have the opportunity to save money by leveraging historic tax credits and rebates. The President’s plan is the most significant investment in climate and clean energy in this history of our country. It makes it cheaper for Americans to replace fossil-fuel burning cars and appliances with cleaner versions.


The federal tax credits, which allow eligible consumers to recoup some of their expenses when upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes, took effect last year. Taxpayers switching to electric appliances, purchasing electric vehicles, installing rooftop solar panels and more can qualify for these incentives right now. Americans can consult the Rewiring America savings calculator to find out what incentives they’re eligible for. Below is a breakdown of the clean energy plan’s tax credits: 

·       Buy a new electric car, pickup truck or SUV

·       Buy a used electric car, pickup truck or SUV

·       Install an electric vehicle charger at home if you live in a rural or low-income area