Amid Energy Wars, Republicans Side With Foreign Dictators And Big Oil CEOs Over American Families

Republicans in Congress are lying about Biden’s energy record and refusing to hold the foreign dictators responsible for the price spike accountable 

WASHINGTON, DC — Americans are struggling under the weight of high prices. New CPI data released today found that the rate of inflation remained high (though with energy prices falling 2.1%, including another 4.9% decrease in gas prices). With global oil prices on the rise after Russia- and Saudi-led OPEC Plus announced they would cut oil production, President Biden and Democrats in Congress responded forcefully, vowing “consequences” for the cartel leaders responsible. Instead of criticizing Saudi Arabia or working to hold them accountable, Republicans in Congress attacked the President.

“Count on Republicans to side with foreign dictators and oil executives over American families and workers,” said Climate Power spokesperson Addy Toevs. “While Russia and the Saudi Arabian government continue to tighten the hold on working people, Republicans are giving them a free pass. They’re even attacking the President, who has vowed to hold these despots accountable and provide real energy security to Americans by deploying clean energy and freeing us from our dependence on oil once and for all. 

“When November comes, voters should remember that Republicans are vowing to repeal the climate law, which will save families more than a thousand dollars on their energy costs and bring down costs for prescription drugs and health care.”

Leading Republicans in Congress opposed punitive measures for the OPEC+ move. Instead, they attacked President Biden for a “war on American energy” he is not waging. While they called on him to “strengthen domestic drilling” for oil and gas:

Meanwhile, Democrats and President Biden are taking on the petro-dictators responsible for this costly disruption. President Biden is considering measures including a possible end to arms deals with Saudi Arabia, and Democrats in Congress have put forward legislation to strip them of their sovereign immunity from prosecution under U.S. antitrust law.