President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda Will Reignite Arizona’s Economy While Protecting Communities from the Worst Effects of Climate Change

Clean Energy Investment Means Jobs For Arizona. Transitioning to 100% clean energy economy will help Arizona’s economic recovery by putting tens of thousands of people to work building clean energy sources, making buildings and homes more energy efficient, and restoring our public lands.

Arizonans Are On The Front Lines of The Climate Crisis. Dangerous extreme weather has become increasingly common throughout Arizona as triple-digit degree days, historic wildfires, and record drought threaten Arizonans’ lives and livelihoods. Arizonans also breathe some of the nation’s most polluted air, causing increased asthma rates in both adults and children. It’s not just Arizona’s air that is polluted, the state’s water systems also face toxic industrial groundwater pollution, PFAS contamination, and lead exposure. 

The Climate Crisis and Pollution Disproportionately Affect People of Color. Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities are hit hardest by extreme weather and pollution. Investing in clean energy is essential to end environmental injustice and ensure new opportunities for frontline and fenceline communities.

Arizona Is Among the Hardest Hit By Climate Change. Inaction Is Not Only Expensive, It’s Not An Option. Studies show Arizona will suffer more than the rest of the country from the effects of climate change. Arizonans’ health, safety, and economic vitality are all at risk.

Arizonans Want Bold Solutions. Regardless of political affiliation, Arizonans overwhelmingly support strong investments in clean energy. Scientists’ warnings are playing out in Arizonans’ backyards, and they need Congress to dramatically reduce emissions and halt the worst of the climate crisis.