For four years, the Trump Administration stripped the United States of its climate leadership and credibility by reversing nearly 100 environmental rules and repeatedly mischaracterizing climate change as a “hoax”. Over that time the country lost its climate voice, but in 2020 millions of Latino voters came out and demanded a change. Tired of being at the forefront of the impacts of climate change and environmental injustices, Latinos elected President Biden to put our country back on the right track, which he is fighting for through the historic Build Back Better Act that is being debated in the Senate. There is still a long way to go, but here is a summary of how the Biden Administration is delivering on its promise of climate action and environmental justice during its first year in office.

During President’s Biden’s first year, the concerns about climate change and the solutions to stop it were at the forefront of people’s minds more than ever before. President Biden is moving the most ambitious agenda to address the climate crisis in our nation’s history in response to a clear cry for action from the American people. While there are still more promises to be kept, action on this issue continues even as he is up against a Congress almost evenly split between democrats who want to stop this crisis and republicans who do not. One year later, our planet is in a better place than it was before, and more is yet to come to benefit our health, our communities, and our economy.