Congress must act to advance clean vehicle technologies and build a nation powered by clean energy

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Biden Administration stood with American automakers and the United Auto Workers union to announce plans that will make cars run cleaner, cheaper, and farther, and help get more electric vehicles on the road. By 2026 cars will run at least 48 miles to the gallon, which is expected to cut climate pollution by two billion tons and save the average driver $900 at the pump. Meanwhile, by 2030, 50% of all cars sold will be electric, running instead on the nation’s sun and wind power.

Transportation in America is the largest contributor of climate, soot, and ozone pollution — known to damage health especially in the nation’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Cutting this pollution is not only critical to making cars more affordable for the everyday driver, but is key to stopping the climate crisis and fighting for environmental justice. While the White House advances these goals, it’s equally critical that Congress make resources available to build the car technology of the future and ensure low-income and working people can also reap the endless benefits that come from driving an electric car.

Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power Education Fund.

“Transportation is both the biggest climate polluter in the country and one of the greatest expenses for families. What the Biden Administration did today is take a big step toward making our cars run cleaner, cheaper, and farther. The Biden Administration knows the toll filling up a gas tank takes on our pocketbooks, health, and the climate. Now it’s time for Congress to do what’s necessary to get clean vehicles into the homes of everyday Americans and make sure those cars are powered by a nation running on clean energy.”