Biden-Harris Administration Announces Historic Investments in Climate Every Day of Earth Week

Phoenix, AZ — To commemorate Earth Day, the Biden-Harris administration announced a slew of investments and programs aimed at boosting the clean energy economy and protecting our health and environment from the harmful effects of climate change. These accomplishments are directly benefiting the people of Arizona, as outlined below.

“President Biden is the most accomplished climate president in history,” said Climate Power Interim States Managing Director André Crombie. “His administration is slashing pollution, creating opportunities for all Americans, and making Arizona’s air and water cleaner. As Earth Month comes to a close, we’re grateful for President Biden’s leadership on this issue, which stands in stark contrast to Trump’s blatant disregard for the environment, climate science, and American workers.”

White House Earth Week climate announcements

Monday, April 22nd (Earth Day!):

Tuesday, April 23rd:

Wednesday, April 24th:

Thursday, April 25th:

Friday, April 26th:

While President Biden is firmly on the side of the clean energy economy, the environment, and the American worker, President Trump is not: he gave Big Oil a $25 billion tax break, rolled back more than 100 environmental rules, and launched a war on the nation’s clean energy economy that cost jobs and stunted growth. President Biden, on the other hand, has prioritized making Big Oil pay their fair share and created more than 271,000 jobs through his clean energy plan so far.