Biden-Harris Administration Announces Millions in Fundingto Expand Clean Energy Access & Increase Grid Resilience in Rural Arizona

Phoenix, AZ — This week, the Biden-Harris administration announced more than $366 million in funding  to 17 projects in rural communities across 20 states and 30 Tribal nations. This funding is part of the  administration’s clean energy plan, which is bringing back made-in-America manufacturing and fueling  our country’s clean energy boom.  

This funding includes an $8 million investment in Navajo and Hopi communities in Arizona, New Mexico,  and Utah that will help provide solar power access to off-grid homes, while also training a local  indigenous solar workforce. The Hopi nation in Arizona is receiving an additional $9 million to deploy a  hybrid microgrid and replace the reservation’s fuel consumption with reliable clean energy. Finally,  seven rural communities in states including Arizona will receive $45 million to create a consortium of  rural electric cooperatives and deploy microgrids that will strengthen grid resilience and improve energy  access.  

“Too often, rural communities have been left behind in shifts to new technology or in periods of  economic growth. It’s vitally important that we center them in the clean energy transition,” said Climate  Power States Managing Director Saumya Narechania. “Through targeted investments like this one, the  Biden-Harris administration is helping usher in a more inclusive economic boom for our nation. Their  clean energy plan is creating good-paying jobs, helping Americans save money on utility bills, and  helping us all breathe cleaner air and drink safer water.”  

Rural and remote communities face a unique set of energy challenges, including higher electric bills and  unreliable access to electricity. Of the electrified homes within Tribal communities, 31% reported  monthly outages. All 17 projects selected to receive funding are in or adjacent to disadvantaged  communities that have historically been underserved or disproportionately impacted by pollution.