Biden Stands with Michigan Autoworkers as Trump’s Big Oil Donors Tout Billions in Profits

Detroit, Michigan – Today, President Biden is visiting Michigan to stand with the United Auto Workers (UAW), whose endorsement he secured last week. In his endorsement of Biden, UAW President Shawn Fain said, “The choice is clear: Joe Biden bet on the American worker and Trump blamed the American worker.” A big part of that bet is Biden’s clean energy plan, which has sparked a clean energy boom that has already resulted in over 16,699 new good-paying jobs in Michigan alone.

In stark contrast to Biden’s appearance with Michigan autoworkers, Shell, one of the world’s five largest investor-owned oil companies, who in 2019 forced union employees to attend a Donald Trump rally under threat of losing overtime pay, today announced billions in shareholder profits. The announcement comes just months after Shell laid off 200 workers from their “low-carbon solutions” unit and abandoned its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

“Thanks to President Biden’s investment in the clean energy economy, America’s union workers are building the vehicles of the future while working at good paying jobs you can raise a family on, today. President Biden’s bet on American workers is bringing jobs home from overseas and lowering costs for American families,” said Climate Power senior advisor Alex Wall. “Donald Trump failed American workers in Michigan and across the country during his presidency. A second Trump term would mean even bigger profits for Big Oil at the expense of union jobs, and threats to our clean air and water.”

President Biden’s clean energy plan has spurred a massive $21.3 billion investment in Michigan alone, the third highest in the nation, and created 16,699 new good-paying jobs. Over the next decade, the Biden administration’s clean energy plan is projected to create 167,000 new jobs in Michigan. 

Nationally, the Biden administration has added more than 211,000 new clean energy jobs in 45 states and Puerto Rico under the President’s clean energy plan. Together, these jobs have spurred a stunning $310 billion in new investments across the country.