Big Oil-Backed Polluters Over People Act Presents Tough Choice for “Moderate” Republicans

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, MAGA House Republicans introduced their Polluters Over People Act, an energy bill that would raise prices for families, stymie our clean energy job growth, and roll back vital protections related to drilling and methane. Backed by radical MAGA Republicans, this bill is a risky vote for so-called “moderate” Republicans who maintain precarious holds on districts won by President Biden in 2020. Punchbowl News reported this morning that doubts are building among House Republican leadership, who are “worried that Northeastern GOP moderates could vote against the package,” killing any chance the bill could pass the House. 

The bill would put a stop to widely popular energy and cost saving programs that directly benefit consumers. New polling from Hart Research and Climate Power shows that voters overwhelmingly support transitioning to clean energy, and more than 50% of Republicans support expanding clean energy. Additionally, 70% of voters support decreasing our reliance on toxic fossil fuels and methane gas. 

The oil and gas industry contributed $38.4 million to Republican candidates in the 2022 cycle. Combined, new Members in Congress have taken a staggering $1.1 million in campaign funding from oil and gas. 

Vulnerable members in the Northeast who represent districts where Biden won include: