Big Oil Has Been Signing Checks For Trump’s Legal Bills; Now They Have Handwritten Orders For His Day One Dictatorship

Washington, D.C. – Trump’s Big Oil backers aren’t just hoping for a new set of executive orders from Donald Trump; they’re actually writing them ahead of time to be used minutes after the start of his Day One dictatorship. Big fossil fuel companies are terrified that Trump is busy sitting in a courtroom every day—instead of thinking about their giveaway wishlist. So they’re spending big to keep him out of jail—recognizing that he has the power to keep making them rich. Just days ago, new evidence emerged that Big Oil was funding Trump’s legal defense to the tune of $6.4 million, and now we know exactly how they plan to get an immediate return on that investment. Climate Power senior advisor for oil and gas Alex Witt released the following:

“Trump promised to be a day one dictator, and his Big Oil backers are paying a fortune to keep him out of jail. They want a massive payout minutes after he becomes president. Big Oil knows that if he becomes president again, Trump will sign executive orders that will make them even richer by letting them spew more pollution into the air we breathe and more chemicals into the water we drink. He gave them massive giveaways during his first Presidency, and now they’re underwriting a sequel.  

Big Oil is already planning a flurry of activity to get more payouts at the expense of the American people: