Big Oil, MAGA House Extremists Want to Kill Clean Energy Boom By Fighting to Kill Sales of EVs, Emission Rules

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, MAGA Extremists and Big Oil and Gas executives are trying to kill our clean energy boom cold. Today, House Republicans voted to gut the Clean Air Act to prevent the sale of electric vehicles, and three court cases are being argued to challenge EPA and Department of Transportation rules that curb pollution. In response, Climate Power deputy executive director Claire Moser released the following statement

“Big Oil and its MAGA allies are bringing their war on clean cars and consumer choice to Congress and the courts. The industry’s latest attack on clean cars will hurt workers, raise costs for consumers, increase pollution, and endanger our clean energy economic boom. 

“Let’s be clear: electric vehicles help create healthier communities and save on fuel costs — threatening Big Oil’s bottom line. Millions of Americans faced extreme weather events this summer and continue to be impacted by climate disasters. These MAGA Extremists would rather defend their Big Oil allies than address the climate crisis and fight for lower costs.”