BREAKING: ExxonMobil CEO’s Pay Went Up By Shocking 52% Last Year While Median Employee Pay Decreased by 9%

CEO Darren Woods’ salary increased from $23.6 million to $35.95 million in 2022.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Newly released pay information for ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods shows the oil giant prioritizing executive pay over working people. Woods’ total compensation increased by 52% last year, from $23.6M in 2021 to $35.95M in 2022. Meanwhile, median employee compensation went down by 9% in the same period. ExxonMobil saw record-breaking profits in 2022 – to the tune of $59 billion – after capitalizing on the war in Ukraine and price gouging families at the pump. Instead of increasing their current production or developing on the thousands of unused leases they already have from the government, the company spent a total of $31 billion on stock buybacks and dividends to enrich wealthy executives like Woods. 

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