Climate Change and Clean Energy Lead Debates, Stand Out as Key Issues in the 2024 Election

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The politics of climate have changed. For proof, look no further than the Republican presidential primary. Questions about climate change and clean energy have led the first two GOP presidential debates, while Donald Trump spent over an hour tonight spouting lies about electric vehicles and his horrible record on auto jobs.  

Clean energy and climate change will be key issues in the 2024 election – and it will be a political liability for Republicans. 

“This summer, communities across the country faced countless climate disasters — from record heat waves to devastating wildfires and hurricanes. MAGA presidential candidates’ solution? Ignore it all and drill, baby, drill,” said Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes. “MAGA extremists want to kill our clean energy boom cold, increasing pollution and raising costs for families — all to line Big Oil CEOs’ pockets. Voters are fed up with climate denialism and the anti-worker, anti-clean energy MAGA agenda. This debate and Trump’s latest unhinged rant further cement that 2024 is a climate election — and Republicans will face the consequences next November.” 

Climate Power is working to make sure voters understand that MAGA Republicans will gut popular pieces of President Biden’s clean energy plan.