Climate GOAT: President Biden is the Most Accomplished Climate President in History

President Biden is protecting public lands, creating opportunities for young Americans, and making our air and water cleaner

Trump threatens to reverse progress on climate, gave billions in tax breaks to the Big Oil CEOs funding his campaign

Washington, D.C. – This Earth Day, our planet and our country are better off thanks to President Biden. Since he took office, his administration’s clean energy plan has helped create over 271,000 clean energy jobs, pumped billions in investments, protected more than 41 million acres of land and water, worked to keep our drinking water clean from dirty forever chemicals, and so much more. When Donald Trump was in office, he put his Big Oil donors first — rolling back environmental standards so they could pollute our air and water and giving the industry a massive tax break. 

“President Biden made protecting the environment and climate progress a top priority on his first day in office when he recommitted the U.S. to the Paris Agreement,” said Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes. “Since then, he’s taken more climate action than any other president in American history. President Biden’s clean energy plan has given the American people cheaper, cleaner energy choices, revitalized communities nationwide, and held Big Oil accountable while slashing pollution. His presidency has made our communities safer, our air and water cleaner, and brought made-in-America manufacturing jobs back. All of our progress is at risk if we elect Big Oil puppet Donald Trump – the stakes couldn’t be higher for climate this election.”

President Biden has accomplished more than any other President in history. 

If Donald Trump is re-elected – our country, our planet, and our clean energy boom will be at risk. When Trump was in office: