Climate Power Calls Out Climate-Denying House Republicans as They Prepare ‘Messaging’ Vote on…the HOOHA Act

The GOP’s inexplicably named HOOHA Act will limit Americans’ energy choices

Washington, D.C. – Rather than address real energy issues, like the alleged collusion between Big Oil CEOs and OPEC to raise gas prices at the expense of average Americans, MAGA Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives today plan to vote on a “messaging” bill called the Hands Off Our Home Appliances (HOOHA) Act. In response to the news that House Republicans plan to spend American tax dollars to push their war on clean energy and pollution standards, Climate Power communications director Alex Glass released the following statement: 

“MAGA Republicans have come for abortion rights, IVF, and birth control, and now they are spending taxpayer dollars to vote on a bill they actually named the HOOHA Act. Trump Republicans are obsessed with regulating women’s bodies and taking away our freedoms – this time it’s access to more energy-efficient products that lower energy costs, reduce pollution, and improve our health. If I were supporting Trump for president, I’d keep the words ‘hands off’ out of my mouth.”