Climate Power & Future Forward USA Action Announce $13 Million Ad Spend to Highlight Clean Energy Jobs and Lower Costs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Climate Power and Future Forward USA Action announced a new phase in their 8-figure national program to increase awareness about the economic benefits of the Biden administration’s work. In a combination of broadcast, cable, and streaming digital advertising, the organizations will invest $13 million this fall behind this new campaign to reach key geographics and demographics. 

The ads highlight the work that is happening around the country to create jobs in every community and lower costs for working families. The ads deploy complimentary storytelling and informational production approaches to educate Americans and raise awareness. The Biden-Harris administration has brought the unemployment rate to a 50-year low, created more than 12 million jobs, and jump-started a clean energy manufacturing boom in America. They’ve passed major reforms to bring down prescription drug prices, cap the price of insulin, and bring down energy costs. 

Watch the ads herehere, and here.

“President Biden’s clean energy plan has kick-started a manufacturing boom across the United States, delivering good-paying clean energy jobs that help grow the middle class,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power. “The president’s plan takes on Big Oil profiteering and ramps up the production of clean energy, helping to lower families’ energy bills. It’s important that even more people hear about how the law will benefit them and their communities–and our plan is to make sure that message gets heard loud and clear.”

“The American people deserve the right to know what is happening and how it will impact their lives,” said Chauncey McLean, President of Future Forward USA Action. “This campaign reaches key audiences on their TV and digital screens to highlight the Biden administration’s record of job growth, a manufacturing renaissance, a clean energy boom and reforms that lower costs.’

The Inflation Reduction Act has strong, bipartisan public support by 43-points (65-22%) according to the latest publicly available data from Navigator Research. Recent polling from Climate Power and Data for Progress finds that voters strongly agree about the benefits associated with expanding domestic clean energy production and manufacturing, and that sharing about the specific achievements of President Biden’s economic strategy positively impacts support for his plan. 71% of voters are in agreement that Made in America clean energy infrastructure will bolster long-term economic growth and 65% are in agreement that investments in clean energy will support thousands of Americans and their families with good-paying jobs. Voters strongly agree that clean energy household tax rebates (70%) and increased domestic clean energy production (69%) are lowering costs for American families. While the benefits enjoy significant support among voters, only 41% of voters –and only 30% of independent voters– report having either seen, read, or heard about them recently.


Future Forward USA Action is a collective of strategists, researchers, ad-makers, and data analysts that came together in 2018 and are dedicated to helping rebuild America’s middle class with new ideas, fresh perspectives and strategic approaches. As a part of their work, they are focused on educating the American people on the impact of key new laws and reforms from the Biden-Harris administration.

Climate Power is an independent strategic communications and paid media operation focused on building the political will and public support for bold climate action. Climate Power integrates hard-hitting research, polling, state and national earned media, digital and paid media to influence the national conversation, embolden leaders to take immediate, bold climate action, and expose climate deniers and their oil and gas lobby allies.