Climate Power Launches “Climate Truth” Campaign, Ramping Up Efforts to Hold Big Oil and their MAGA Allies Accountable

The campaign aims to educate voters on Big Oil’s greed and its cozy ties with Donald Trump, who promised a “bloodbath” while bashing climate action if he loses

Washington, D.C. — Today, Climate Power launched “Climate Truth,” a campaign to educate voters about Big Oil’s rampant profiteering and the industry’s close relationship with Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans, ramping up its efforts to hold the oil and gas industry accountable for their harmful disinformation and predatory practices.  

The campaign kicked off earlier today on Truth Social, speaking truth to Trump’s climate lies by blasting him for giving Big Oil $25 billion in tax breaks as president at the expense of working families. In addition to holding Big Oil and Donald Trump’s feet to the fire, “Climate Truth” aims to target young people and people of color, who are disproportionately impacted by Big Oil’s disinformation. “Climate Truth” is the latest campaign in Climate Power’s efforts to educate Americans about President Biden’s climate accomplishments and remind them of Trump’s disastrous record. 

“Last weekend, Donald Trump promised a ‘bloodbath’ if he isn’t re-elected to kill our clean energy progress — proving yet again that he’s happy to do Big Oil’s dirty work, and will threaten violence to make it happen,” said Climate Power’s senior advisor for oil and gas, Alex Witt. “Big Oil and their CEOs continue to make huge profits, funneling their extra cash to greenwash their records and bankroll Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans. Climate Truth aims to expose the oil and gas industry for what they are: rampant corporate profiteers who are willing to pollute our air and water for their own gain.” 

Big Oil has made it clear that they’ve chosen a side this election cycle: MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump. As Donald Trump’s fundraising woes continue, he’s had to rely more on Big Oil money to sustain his flailing campaign. The Republican National Committe’s new chair, Michael Whatley, is an oil and gas lobbyist who now has even more power to direct Big Oil money to anti-climate candidates, including Donald Trump. A Trump win in 2024 would set into motion Project 2025’s anti-climate agenda: Big Oil’s wishlist to enrich themselves, pollute our air and water, and kill our climate progress.