Climate Power Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Ahead of First Republican Debate

Billboards and TV ads will hit Republican candidates for lack of a climate plan

Washington, D.C. — Ahead of the first Republican primary debate in Milwaukee, Climate Power is launching  a six-figure ad buy calling out the Republican candidates for failing to address the climate crisis and for their ties to Big Oil. The TV ad, titled “Photo Op,” will run on Fox News before and after the  debate and nationally this week. Climate Power also purchased 20 digital billboards surrounding the Fiserv Center in Milwaukee to remind Wisconsinites that the GOP candidates have no plan to address the climate-fueled extreme weather devastating the country. 

“MAGA Republicans have no plan to deal with the climate crisis, instead, they are trying to roll back the clean energy plan that is  creating good-paying jobs and reducing climate pollution,” said Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes. “Not only is the GOP’s stance on climate dangerous – it’s politically unpopular. Hundreds of millions of Americans have faced climate-fueled extreme weather and climate disasters this year. From the deadliest wildfire in over a century to unprecedented heat and dangerous air quality. Voters want to elect someone who will take climate change seriously – and that doesn’t include a single GOP presidential candidate, on or off the stage.”

recent Data for Progress and Climate Power survey found that two-thirds of voters – including a majority of Republicans – now consider climate change to be a kitchen table issue.


They love visiting farms for photo ops.

The Republicans. 

Throw on blue jeans, stand next to a tractor …  

But right now, our farms are hurting.

From droughts in Wisconsin … to floods in Iowa .. to extreme heat just about everywhere. 

Climate change is crushing our farmers.

And they won’t do a damn thing about it . . because that would mean taking on the oil industry. 

Yeah, they’ll stand up FOR photo ops,

But will they ever stand up to Big Oil?