Key Part Of Landmark Reforms Include Historic Action on Climate Change

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August 18, 2022


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Washington, D.C. – Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), and Future Forward USA Action are joining forces to launch a $10 million national campaign to educate people on the benefits of the just passed Inflation Reduction Act to their lives, especially how it lowers the costs of their energy bills and prescription drugs. The landmark reforms are part of the most meaningful climate law in U.S. history, along with achieving healthcare reforms and making wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes. 

Climate Power and LCV are two of the leading national climate advocacy organizations and Future Forward USA Action is non-profit dedicated to helping rebuild America’s middle class with new ideas, fresh perspectives and strategic approaches. 

The national ad campaign begins this week with two core prongs:

  1. Anthemic advertisements focused exclusively on the action to tackle climate change by reducing carbon pollution by nearly 40%. These ads, targeted toward younger people, will remind them of the stakes and highlight the real, concrete action being taken to tackle climate change and expand American-made clean energy like solar and wind power. President Biden has said the signing of this law will “position America to meet my climate goals.” WATCH: “Bold ActionWATCH: “Needed Action
  2. A series of innovative, surround-sound 15s advertisements focused on how the Inflation Reduction Act reduces costs for working people, including the key costs of energy bills which come down when you transition to cheaper, cleaner energy like wind and solar power. The ads showcase how these reforms lower prescription drug prices, health insurance premiums and energy costs – all key parts of the Inflation Reduction Act that the American people need to know about. With 15 second ads, viewers see two ads per commercial break on the same topic, rather than one, allowing for more opportunities to reach viewers.

WATCH: “Lower Costs

WATCH: “Energy Bills

WATCH: “Pay What They Owe

“President Biden and Congress made history by enacting the strongest ever federal climate legislation — and now, finally, our communities get to feel the benefits of moving to a clean energy economy,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV SVP of Campaigns. “After years of being seen as secondary, today clean energy investments are squarely at the center of U.S. economic policy.”

“Democrats in Congress and President Biden beat the special interests to deliver the most meaningful climate bill ever,” said Lori Lodes, Climate Power Executive Director. “Now it’s time to make sure that young people, who consistently rank the climate crisis as their top concern, understand this concrete action will make a real difference in their lives by combating climate change, reducing carbon pollution, lowering costs and ramping up good-paying clean energy jobs.” 

The two climate groups have run an 18-month advocacy campaign to pass bold climate legislation. From over 400 events with members of Congress, cabinet officials, and other federal and local leaders, to LCV field teams knocking over 575,000 doors in key states, to engagement with more than 27,000 small businesses, to town hall advocacy, to tens of thousands of calls, to butter and ice sculpture art activations, to more than $50 million in paid TV and digital ads, LCV, Climate Power, and LCV’s state affiliates and partners left nothing on the table in the fight for the most significant climate bill in history.

Future Forward USA Action is a collective of strategists, researchers, ad-makers, and data analysts that came together in 2018 to better understand how to communicate progressive causes to different groups of Americans. The FFUSA team is dedicated to making sure the American people are aware of the Inflation Reduction Act that will lower costs for working people and ramp up clean energy to protect us from climate change. 

Sample scripts from each segment of the ad campaign are below.

“Bold Action” (longer spot targeted at younger voters; focus on climate impacts)

The storms are stronger

The fires are bigger

We are facing a climate emergency

And after decades of inaction

A president is finally doing something to fight it

Because Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress 

Just passed the most powerful climate law in U.S. history

It ramps up clean energy

More wind

More solar

More electric vehicles

It saves money on energy bills today

And saves our environment for future generations

It’s bold action

When we need it most

“Lower Costs” (shorter spot focused on how the bill lowers costs)

Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress

Just passed the Inflation Reduction Act to lower our costs

The plan lowers the cost of healthcare and medicine

And lowers our energy bills by investing in clean energy

That’s more savings for us