Climate Power Reacts to Arctic Lease Cancellations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to President Biden’s move to cancel seven leases sold under the Trump Administration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Climate Power deputy executive director Claire Moser released the following statement: 

“The oil and gas industry is raising prices, ripping off families at the pump, and taking taxpayers for a ride as they exploit our public lands at fire sale prices. And at every turn, Republicans are working overtime for Big Oil, whether it’s trying to repeal the clean energy plan or giving oil and gas CEOs cover for price gouging,” said Climate Power deputy executive director Claire Moser. “By contrast, President Biden is protecting our natural resources – canceling these unneeded and uneconomical leases in one of America’s most special places, unleashing a massive clean energy boom thanks to historic climate investments, and standing up for workers and communities across the country. There is a stark contrast between the progress we’ve made under the Biden Administration and the regressive, anti-climate, pro-oil agenda offered by Republicans.”