Climate Power Slams ConocoPhillips Merger with Marathon Oil

Washington, D.C. – ConocoPhillips announced a $22.5 billion merger with Marathon Oil, a boon for its shareholders’ bottom line and further proof that Big Oil is deeply unserious about its climate commitments. This merger comes on the heels of bombshell reporting that Donald Trump promised the oil and gas industry he would roll back regulations, and asking for $1 billion for his campaign

In response to the news, Climate Power senior advisor for oil and gas Alex Witt released the following statement: 

“ConocoPhillips – like Exxon and Chevron – publicly promised to reduce emissions and subsequently spent billions acquiring another fuel company. From gouging consumers at the pump to going back on their empty climate promises, ConocoPhillips and other oil and gas giants are only concerned with padding their bottom line. The Biden administration is holding the oil and gas industry accountable for polluting our air and water, while Donald Trump is begging Big Oil to fund his campaign and promising to roll back regulations if re-elected.”