Climate Power’s Executive Director Condemns SCOTUS Decision on West Virginia v. EPA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes issued a statement on West Virginia v. EPA and its influence on the future of the climate movement: 

“MAGA Republicans have taken over the Supreme Court and now they are pushing an extreme agenda to take away critical clean air protections and allow more deadly pollution. While today’s decision leaves the EPA room to take meaningful action to combat pollution, MAGA Republicans and their Court are condemning our children and grandkids to a worse future by taking tools off the table at a time when we need every tool we have. 

“The MAGA Court took a sledge hammer to EPA’s most important tool to deal with one of our biggest sources of climate pollution. It’s more important than ever for Congress to take bold and immediate climate action to reduce our dangerous and costly dependence on fossil fuels. Climate disasters are already ravaging our country, and this is our last, best chance to avert catastrophe. Transitioning to clean energy will cut household energy bills and prices at the pump for families feeling the pain of inflation.

“Despite today’s dangerous and deeply disturbing decision, there is still room for the EPA to exercise its authority – and duty – to cut climate pollution. The Biden Administration should act quickly and issue the strongest rule possible.

 “Make no mistake, the MAGA majority on the Supreme Court is determined to take away our fundamental rights to be safe and healthy. It’s clear that bold action to protect all of our rights may be the only way to stop this MAGA political assault hiding behind the banner of judicial independence and the security of unaccountable lifetime appointments. The Supreme Court is a political body and the only way we can rein in these MAGA Justices and their allies is through the political process. Climate will be on the ballot again this November.”