Climate Power’s Executive Director Reacts to MAGA Republicans Insisting on More Handouts to Fossil Fuel CEOs

DATE: September 27th, 2022
CONTACT: Erik Mebust,

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to Senate Republicans refusing to support must-pass legislation unless it includes massive giveaways to fossil fuel CEOs that roll back vital clean air and water protections, Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes released the following statement:

“The climate and clean energy provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act are a long-overdue investment in our nation’s future. Democrats in Congress listened to the American people and delivered a landmark climate law that’s the biggest reduction in carbon pollution in U.S. history. But we know fossil fuel interests and their MAGA Republican allies in Congress will stop at nothing to undermine the progress we’ve made. The reason Republicans balked at supporting the government funding bill today was because it didn’t do enough to help the oil and gas executives who fund their campaigns.

“The bottom line is that a must-pass government funding bill should never have been used to pass so-called permitting reforms in the first place, and neither should the annual defense bill. 

“Now, it’s time to supercharge our economy by ramping up our production of clean energy as quickly as possible. Only then will we be free from our costly and dangerous dependence on fossil fuels to power our vehicles, heat our homes, and keep the lights on.

“Climate action is popular across the political spectrum but MAGA Republicans continue to put oil and gas profits ahead of working families. Democrats delivered on jobs, climate, and energy independence when they passed the Inflation Reduction Act. Americans will remember that as they cast their votes this November.”