Climate Power’s Executive Director Responds to Nancy Pelosi Announcing Her Retirement From House Leadership

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing her decision to step down from House Democratic leadership, Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power, released the following statement: 

“No one compares to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. From climate change to health care, Speaker Pelosi’s legacy is a testament to never giving up in the fight to better the lives of working families. It is because of her steadfast leadership, Democratic Members of Congress  passed the landmark Inflation Reduction Act, the most meaningful, and largest US investment in climate ever. 

“From protecting our air, land and water, to creating the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis and playing a pivotal role both domestically and on the global stage in the fight to stop climate change, she’s continuously led America a  just, clean energy future we all deserve. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s legacy is one of championing the health and well-being of communities over fossil fuel corporations, justice over corruption, and progress over regression. We will forever be in debt to Speaker Pelosi for her unrelenting advocacy for American families, and don’t doubt that she’ll continue to lead in the fight to stop climate change.”