Corporate Polluters and MAGA Republicans Take Their Show to London After Americans Grow Tired of Attacks on Responsible Investing

Washington, D.C. – This week, Republican leaders behind the attacks against responsible investing went to the United Kingdom to promote their anti-ESG views. The newly-formed Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) hosted its inaugural conference in London, featuring participation from House Speaker Mike Johnson (LA-04), Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-20), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. 

“American voters resent and distrust political attacks on responsible investing, so politicians are getting desperate and trying to build support overseas,” said Climate Power spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “The truth is numerous polls show attacks on responsible investing are unpopular – even among Republican primary voters. Corporate polluters and Republican extremists, like Leonard Leo, know this and are merely exporting these same tired talking points across the pond. These conservatives only care about doing their donors’ bidding and protecting their bottom line –  even at the expense of the financial future of their constituents.”

Recent polling data shows most Americans (83%) say they trust companies more than politicians when deciding whether they agree with a company’s stance on an issue. 

“The political attacks on responsible investing are costing American communities,” added Polizzi. “Hopefully our friends in Europe won’t fall for this dangerous rhetoric and embrace these false narratives that hurt economies, jobs, and consumers.”

An analysis by the economics consulting firm ESI for the Sunrise Project found that taxpayers in six states — Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Missouri — could be on the hook for up to $700 million in excess interest payments if restrictions on sustainable investing are implemented.