Crist Puts DeSantis’ Feet to the Fire

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Tonight, during the first and only debate in the race for governor, Governor Ron DeSantis spent the majority of his time on stage lying about and bashing his opponent Congressman Charlie Crist and President Joe Biden while failing to offer meaningful solutions to lower costs for Floridians, secure energy independence, or create jobs in the state. DeSantis insisted that he was proud of how he handled Hurricane Ian, the deadliest and possibly the most costly storm in state history. DeSantis also failed to take accountability for rising utility bills driven by corporate greed and profiteering, offering no meaningful policy solutions to lower costs for Floridians.

Charlie Crist painted Governor DeSantis as an extremist who is more concerned with what’s going on in places like California and New York than in Florida. During the hour-long debate, DeSantis refused to say whether he would commit to serving a full term if reelected or if his presidential ambitions would cause him to leave early. Even during his current term as governor, DeSantis has focused more on what’s going on in Washington than what he can do to improve the quality of life for Floridians.

Here are some key moments from the debate: