While Democrats Support Protecting President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, GOP Officials Have Voted to Repeal At Least 31 Times

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, voters rejected an extreme MAGA Republican to elect Tom Suozzi, a climate champion, to the House. This red-to-blue flip shrinks the GOP’s already tenuous majority – which has voted to repeal President Biden’s clean energy plan at least 31 times and taken countless votes to claw back climate progress. In response to Congressman-elect Suozzi’s victory, Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes said:

“Voters continue to embrace candidates who support common sense climate action and reject the MAGA Republican brand of climate denialism. Voters overwhelmingly want leaders who will take action to prevent the climate crisis. MAGA Republicans, backed by Big Oil, are doing everything they can to roll back President Biden’s climate plan and the hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs that come with it – a majority of which are in GOP districts. Winning up and down the ballot in November is the only way to protect critical climate progress.” 

President Biden and Democrats’ clean energy plan has sparked more than 210,000 new jobs and $310 billion in investments. In New York state, over 15,500 jobs have been created with $103.16 billion in investment. MAGA Republicans have voted to repeal President Biden’s clean energy plan at least 31 times — even though the majority of clean energy projects are in GOP districts.