Donald Trump is Not “A Very Innocent Man”

Washington, D.C. — In response to jurors finding Trump guilty of all 34 counts in the hush-money case, Climate Power’s managing director of communications Alex Glass released the following statement:

“This guilty verdict is a win for justice and a huge loss to the Big Oil CEOs who have donated millions to Donald Trump’s legal defense fund. Big Oil will stop at nothing to derail our democracy so they can continue to profiteer and pollute and are all too happy to do everything they can to make Donald Trump president. Jurors have seen through Donald Trump’s lies and deception, and voters will do the same come November.” 

Big Oil has gone full throttle to defend and re-elect Donald Trump. The oil and gas industry has donated millions to Donald Trump’s campaign, which doubles as a slush fund for his legal defense. With Donald Trump’s proposed billion-dollar “deal” for Big Oil, they’re all too happy to continue to line his pockets.