Washington, D.C. – During a meandering campaign “press conference” this evening, President Donald Trump once again went on the attack on his favorite political message: the Green New Deal.

Trump has lashed out at climate and the Green New Deal more than 23 times this year, even with a pandemic raging across our nation. This isn’t a surprise. In 2019, Trump directed Republicans to not attack the Green New Deal until the end of the election so it would be ripe for debate. But with the end in sight, Trump has started to zero in.

This is a losing message for the president. Polling overwhelmingly shows that voters support bold action to combat climate change and would vote for a Democrat who supports taking bold action over a Republican who does not.

“Trump knows he’s vulnerable on his toxic environmental and climate record,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power 2020. “He can lie, distract, mock, and bully all he wants, but the fact is the majority of Americans see through it and are demanding climate action. If Trump wants a fight on climate action, he’ll lose.”

Four months ahead of the November elections, Trump has backed himself into a corner. His response to crises is to attack, distract, lie, scare, and bully — and his favorite target is climate. This stands in stark contrast to Vice President Joe Biden.

Today, Joe Biden revealed a $2 trillion climate plan to create jobs in electricity and transportation while building our infrastructure and combating climate change. The contrast is a problem for Trump. Voters think climate change is a serious crisis the president must address and they do not trust Trump on climate and the environment.

Trump’s insistence on riffing in his rallies on hamburgers, windmills, AOC, and the Green New Deal is not only a losing message for him, but it gives Democrats and climate activists a strong opening to energize young voters, Black voters, and Latinx voters. Plus, his attacks cost him persuadable, Republican-leaning women who want candidates who support strong climate action.

Below are three main points on how Trump will not win the fight on climate change or on the Green New Deal:

1. Trump is not trusted on climate change, clean energy, and the environment.

2. General election voters think climate is a serious issue and want action to build a clean energy future.

3. Trump’s ties to the fossil fuel industry, denial of science, and rejection of experts are concerns for voters.