President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan has created over 14,600 jobs in South Carolina — Donald Trump wants them gone.  

Washington, D.C. – Rally after rally, Donald Trump has promised to reverse President Joe Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, which has helped create over 210,000 clean energy jobs across the country, with over half located in states and districts represented by Republicans. South Carolina’s turbocharged clean energy economy is at stake if Donald Trump wins in 2024. Ahead of the South Carolina primary, Alex Glass, Climate Power’s managing director of communications, released the following statement

“Whether he’s at a rally in South Carolina or with his extremist insider pals at CPAC in D.C., Donald Trump promises to finish what he started in his first term as president: end clean energy investments that are creating jobs, lowering costs, and helping clean up our air and water. Trump is a climate denier who cares more about enriching his Big Oil donors than the hardworking people of South Carolina who have new jobs and opportunities thanks to Joe Biden’s Clean Energy Plan.”

Facts about South Carolina’s clean energy boom under President Biden: