EPA Allocates $70M+ from Clean Energy Plan to Arizona for  Water Infrastructure Upgrades

PHOENIX, AZ – On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that  Arizona would receive over $70 million for drinking water and clean water infrastructure  upgrades, thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed by President Biden in 2021 as part  of the president’s clean energy plan. The funding is part of over $50 billion in water  infrastructure upgrades nationwide – the largest such investment in American history. Almost  half of the funding will be available as grants or principal forgiveness loans, ensuring funds  reach disadvantaged and underserved communities most in need of investments in water  infrastructure. 

“As Arizona faces a historic drought, protecting access to clean drinking water was a priority of  mine when negotiating the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” Sen. Mark Kelly (D) said. “I’m glad to  see these unprecedented investments that will support continued growth and prosperity for  communities across our state.” 

“As a lifelong resident of the Tucson southside, I’m all too familiar with toxic chemicals that  polluted our community’s drinking water and the adverse health impacts that followed,” said  U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D, AZ-07). “This massive investment from the Biden administration will  be transformative and help ensure safe drinking water for the City of Tucson. I was proud to  support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as a down payment to address historic inequities and  will continue to fight for policies that will guarantee clean drinking water and a healthy  environment for future generations.” 

The funding EPA announced for Arizona is part of a $5.8 billion investment through the Clean  Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF), one of EPA’s signature water 

investment programs. This multi-billion dollar investment will fund state-run, low-interest loan  programs to address critical water challenges, with $2.6 billion going to the Clean Water SRF for  wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and $3.2 billion going to the Drinking Water SRF for  drinking water infrastructure nationwide. 

In Arizona alone, President Biden’s clean energy plan has spurred more than $10 billion in  investment and helped create or advance over 13,500 jobs since 2022. Should former President  Donald Trump win the presidential election in November, the future of Arizona’s clean energy  economy would be in serious jeopardy in the hands of an administration that appears likely to  wage “an all-out war on climate science and policies”.