Extreme Weather Exacerbated by Climate Change Affects Millions of Texas Residents, Homes, Businesses

AUSTIN — Texans are reeling from extreme weather that has left millions of Texans without power, out of work and school, and at least seven dead in the past three weeks. The state is also bracing for what is projected to be the worst hurricane season recorded. This is shaping to be the most difficult summer Texans have ever faced, with extreme heatwildfires, and drought occurring with more frequency and intensity due to climate change

“State Republicans have done nothing to protect Texans from the perils of extreme weather. Texas Governor Abbott said he fixed the grid, but Texans know that’s not true. The solution is President Biden’s clean energy plan, which aims to modernize the power grid, invest in renewable energy, and create jobs that support resilient infrastructure,” said André Crombie, Interim States Managing Director at Climate Power. “Donald Trump has pledged to scrap President Biden’s policies while asking for $1 billion in campaign cash from Big Oil Executives.”

While Greg Abbott failed to ensure that Texas’s grid was ready for extreme weather, oil executive Kelcy Warren donated $1 million to the Abbott campaign. Kelcy also hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump alongside fellow oil executive Harold Hamm, one of the gas industry leaders Trump tasked with raising him a billion dollars to kill Biden’s clean energy investments.


In Dallas, hundreds of thousands of people woke up without power as severe storms caused outages.

In Central Texas, meteorologists issued a significant weather alert for Central Texas, indicating an “enhanced risk” (3 out of 5) for severe storms throughout the region. Residents were warned to prepare for damaging winds, large hail, isolated tornadoes, and localized flooding.

In Houston, residents are recovering from extreme weather earlier this month.