Hassan Takes on Big Oil, While Bolduc Parrots Industry Talking PointsHassan Takes on Big Oil, While Bolduc Parrots Industry Talking Points

Hassan Calls for Corporate Accountability to Lower Energy Costs for Granite Staters, While Bolduc Backs Big Oil over Working People

MANCHESTER, NH – Tonight, Senator Maggie Hassan faced her extremist Republican challenger Don Bolduc in the final debate ahead of next week’s midterm election. Inflation and rising energy costs were key issues and the differences between Hassan and Bolduc were stark. Hassan put the blame squarely on Big Oil profiteering and price gouging and explained how expanding clean energy is essential to energy independence. In contrast, Bolduc took a page from Big Oil’s playbook—spreading disinformation to attack  Biden and congressional Democrats. Below are some highlights from tonight’s debate.

Hassan highlighted her record of passing cost-cutting and job-creating legislation to address the climate crisis as well as her work to hold Big Oil accountable.

Bolduc on the other hand had no real answers on how to address rising energy costs let alone the climate crisis.

This debate happened as major oil and gas companies announce eye-popping third quarter profits and President Biden pushes for a corporate windfall tax to hold the industry accountable for price gouging the American public. Here are some of the topline Q3 profits: