House Republicans Recycle Plan to Gut Popular Climate Legislation While Threatening A No-Win Shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republicans are once again attempting to gut popular climate measures in the federal spending bill, risking a government shutdown that benefits no one. It’s no surprise that Big Oil’s House Republican allies are working to roll back the historic clean energy and jobs investments in President Biden’s climate plan by insisting on spending levels in line with their failed debt limit bill, even though their districts have benefitted the most. Since the Inflation Reduction Act was passed, clean energy companies in the U.S. have announced more than 170,600 good-paying jobs across the nation, and the majority of jobs, projects, and investments are in Republican-held districts

“As long as MAGA Republicans are listening to their Big Oil allies, they will try to derail President Biden’s clean energy plan, work to undermine environmental protections and kill jobs that are putting dinner on the table for their constituents,” said Climate Power deputy executive director Claire Moser. “Our clean energy boom is just getting started, and we must keep up the fight.”

President Biden’s climate plan is popular with voters: