ICYMI: CBS, Super Bowl 2024 to be powered by Nevada desert solar farm, marking a historic green milestone

Allegiant Stadium is the First in the Country Powered by 100% Renewable Energy, Helping Protect Nevadans From a Cruel Summer

Washington, D.C. – This Sunday, Super Bowl LVIII will be the first in history powered by 100% renewable energy. Allegiant Stadium is powered by a Nevadan solar farm, just one of the many clean energy projects in Nevada made possible by President Biden’s clean energy plan. Nevada has seen  $12.19 million in investment and 15,580 clean energy jobs created thanks to Biden’s climate plan. Nevada can also expect an additional 40,000 clean energy jobs over the next ten years as the clean energy sector grows in the state.

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CBS: Super Bowl 2024 to be powered by Nevada desert solar farm, marking a historic green milestone

Super Bowl 2024 is setting the stage not just for a showdown between top NFL teams, but also for a major environmental milestone. This year, the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will host a Super Bowl powered entirely by renewable energy — a first in the history of the event.

The seemingly desolate area of the Nevada desert is the source of the green energy used to power the game. 

A vast solar farm with over 621,000 panels shimmers like a mirage but with the capability to power close to 60,000 residential customers — or one very big stadium.

The Las Vegas Raiders, which call Allegiant Stadium home, have entered into a 25-year agreement to buy power from this new solar installation owned by NV Energy.

CEO Doug Cannon said that the solar installation would supply more than 10 megawatts of power for the Super Bowl. This amount of energy is roughly equivalent to the consumption of 46,000 homes…

“People sometimes get nervous about renewable power because they’re not sure if it’s going to be reliable. The fact that renewable power can power a facility like this reliably should speak volumes about what could happen in other communities,” Granholm said.

The solar farm not only powers the current needs but also houses massive batteries to store renewable energy, ensuring a five-hour power supply even when the sun isn’t shining. This technology is seen as a key component in transitioning the U.S. power grid toward 100% clean electricity by 2035, a goal set by President Biden.

Despite the focus on environmental sustainability, the Super Bowl’s entertainment, including a halftime show featuring performer Usher, will not be compromised.

“We have enough power for Usher and all of his lights and all the fanfare that’ll be there,” said Cannon.