ICYMI: Climate Power Announces $80 Million Campaign to Educate Americans on President Biden’s Climate Progress

Washington, D.C. — Climate Power is announcing an $80 million campaign to educate Americans about President Biden’s historic climate progress and the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act. Americans are broadly supportive of President Biden’s clean energy agenda, but most haven’t heard enough about it. The New York TimesCNN, and more covered the announcement and Climate Power’s work to close the information gap about President Biden’s signature accomplishments. 

CNN: Climate group will spend $80 million to tout Biden’s environmental record

“Advocacy group Climate Power is committing $80 million in advertising to call attention to President Joe Biden’s climate and environment agenda ahead of the 2024 election, the group announced Monday.

“The ad campaign broadly aims to inform voters about the president’s wide-ranging climate and clean energy agenda. As he took office, Biden set ambitious targets to cut the country’s planet-warming emissions. He also presided over the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest legislative climate investment in US history…

“Climate Power is launching digital and television ads and plans to continue spending on both platforms heading into 2024, according to a fact sheet provided by the group. It is launching a campaign to mobilize Latino voters on the issue and focusing on digital campaigns to reach young voters on social media. The group is also organizing in-person events in key battleground states including Arizona, Georgia and Michigan.”

The New York Times: Climate Advocacy Group Plans to Spend $80 Million on Ads to Aid Biden

“Climate Power, a liberal advocacy group, plans to spend $80 million on advertising to lift President Biden’s standing on environmental issues and inform voters about the impact of legislation he signed last year…

“Climate Power’s solution is to feed voters a steady stream of television and digital advertising highlighting Mr. Biden’s legislative accomplishments to protect the environment and contrasting them Mr. Trump, who mocked climate science, rolled back regulations aimed at cutting emissions and has promised to be a booster for the oil, gas and coal industries…

“…The Climate Power campaign also has the praise of Mr. Biden’s top aides at the White House.

“‘President Biden has delivered on the most ambitious agenda to fight climate change, including signing into law the largest climate investment ever,’ said Jen O’Malley Dillon, the White House deputy chief of staff. ‘Climate Power is a critical partner to continue demonstrating to the American people that the president is building a clean energy economy that benefits all Americans.’”