ICYMI: Climate Power, Environmental Groups Call Out RFK Jr. in Open Letter

Climate Power signs open letter to call RFK Jr. out as a spoiler candidate who puts our planet at risk

Washington, D.C. – Climate Power and national environmental organizations released a letter in the New York Times calling out RFK Jr. as a climate denier and spoiler candidate to elect Donald Trump. RFK Jr. has been claiming to be an “environmentalist”— but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like Trump, they peddle the same anti-science conspiracies and are backed by the same donors and RFK Jr.’s own campaign admits he is in the race to help Donald Trump. 


“RFK Jr. represents a singular threat to the future of our planet by acting as a spoiler candidate to re-elect Donald Trump,” said Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes. “Trump and RFK Jr.’s climate platforms are one and the same: both spout wild conspiracy theories, both want to wage a war on America’s clean energy boom, and both will leave our planet worse off for future generations.”

RFK Jr. and Donald Trump share the largest donor to their Super PACs — longtime Republican mega-donor Timothy Mellon. And, just like Trump, RFK Jr. opposed the clean energy plan and said he would not have voted for the legislation, which has helped create over 271,000 clean energy jobs. RFK Jr. believes climate action is a global plot by intelligence agencies and a shadowy “cabal” to “impose totalitarian controls” — and he’s abandoned his stewardship of the very environmental groups he founded to prioritize anti-vaccine causes and conspiracies. When it comes to climate progress, RFK Jr. and Donald Trump are dangerous.