ICYMI: Climate Power’s Clean Energy Boom Report Drives Coverage Across the Country

Washington, D.C.–Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Schumer held a joint press conference with other House and Senate Democrats, Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters, IBEW and BlueGreen Alliance. The press conference came just after the release of Climate Power’s Clean Energy Boom Report and constituted a celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act’s one year anniversary and touted its success providing education, training and ultimately, jobs in the burgeoning clean energy industry. 

See the coverage below:

Across the Country

PoliticoPro: IRA turns one 

[James Bikales, 7/27/23]

[…] Other Democrats have been much more vocal in promoting the IRA as a climate bill, with Schumer on Wednesday labeling it “the most significant action ever taken by Congress to fight the climate crisis” during a news conference organized by environmental advocacy group Climate Power. Climate Power released a report on Wednesday that found companies have invested $278 billion in 272 clean energy projects in the United States since the IRA, which will create more than 170,600 jobs across 44 states. […]

Bloomberg: Democrats Vow to Top Their Climate Bill If They Sweep Washington

[Ari Natter, 7/26/23]

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed Wednesday to pass an even bigger climate bill than the landmark Inflation Reduction Act if Democrats gain full control of Washington in next year’s election. “Even though we passed the IRA you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Schumer told reporters on the one-year anniversary of the legislation. […]

E&E Daily: On anniversary of climate bill deal, Democrats want more  

[Emma Dumain, 7/27/23] 

[…] But Schumer, standing outside the Capitol in the blazing heat flanked by jubilant colleagues and allies, promised the IRA wasn’t the end of the road for climate action. “If we get a seat or two more in the Senate, which I think we will, take back the House, keep the presidency — even though we passed the IRA, you ain’t going to see nothing yet,” he crowed. “We’re going to do even bigger and better.” […]

The Washington Post: What Democrats want to hear in Biden’s climate speech [Theodoric Meyer and Leigh Ann Caldwell, 7/27/23]

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) made the case for another climate bill on Wednesday at a news conference otherwise devoted to celebrating the one that passed last year. Democrats will pass even more ambitious climate legislation, he said, if Biden wins reelection and the party retakes the House and secures “a seat or two more in the Senate” — a tough prospect with Democrats fighting to hold on to Senate seats in conservative Montana and West Virginia next year.


WisPolitics: Climate Power: Report finds that since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, hundreds of jobs and $445 million in investments have been generated in Wisconsin 


In just under a year since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan has helped turbocharge our clean energy economy to new heights. Over the past year, clean energy businesses have announced or moved forward with more than 170,000 jobs across 44 states according to Climate Power’s new report. The report details 272 new clean energy projects ranging from manufacturing electric vehicles in Arizona to developing solar infrastructure in Florida, and totaling $275 billion in new investments. […]


Nevada Current: Report ranks Nevada in top 10 for clean energy jobs 

[Jennifer Solis, 7/27/23]

Nevada’s efforts to become a national leader in clean energy are paying off, catapulting the state to the top of the list for clean energy investments and jobs. According to a new report published Wednesday by Climate Power, Nevada in the last year has created more than 11,500 “good-paying clean energy jobs”— which the group defines as trade or union-based jobs—making Nevada the seventh highest state in the country for clean energy job creation. Analysts for Climate Power predict Nevada is set to create 40,000 clean energy jobs in the next 10 years. […]


Michigan Advance: Michigan leads the country in clean energy jobs, new report says 

[Kyle Davidson, 7/27/23]

[…] According to a report from Climate Power, a communications firm focused on building support for climate action, Michigan has the greatest number of clean energy projects in the country, securing more than $21 billion in investments. The report, updated on Tuesday, highlighted the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on clean energy projects across the nation, with 176,606 new jobs across 44 states created between Aug. 16, 2022, when the law was signed, and July 20, 2023. “The Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law last year, is giving us the resources that we need to accelerate our transition to this clean energy economy. And it’s a win for our environment and our economy,” Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, said during a Thursday webinar discussing the report’s findings. […]

WLNS (CBS): New Report Touts Michigan’s Clean Energy Investments


A new report ranks Michigan in top three states for clean energy projects, investments, and jobs. Climate Power laid out the findings of its latest clean energy boom report– which highlights Michigan’s nation-leading clean energy economy ahead of the August congressional recess.


AZPM: Arizona ranks among top 10 states for clean energy jobs & projects, report finds 

[Danyelle Khmara, 7/27/23]

A climate-action group finds that Arizona is among the top 10 states for clean energy jobs and projects. Climate Power, an advocacy group founded by several major environmental organizations, found that Arizona had 12 new clean energy projects. Based on an analysis of announcements from the private sector, the organization found that in the last year private investment in clean energy in Arizona has created nearly 13,000 new jobs, since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which was passed in 2022 and created clean energy incentives.


WJCL: Clean energy bringing jobs to Savannah 

[Jayda Russell, 7/27/23]

The Inflation Reduction Act is just a year old, however, it has created nearly 170,000 jobs. These jobs have helped the economy while also helping the environment. Georgia currently has the second most energy projects in the nation at 22 total. Most of these jobs are plants to create energy efficient cars, batteries and solar manufacturing equipment. Experts hope that these jobs are starting the process of creating a safe and healthier future for the nation.