ICYMI – Inquirer Greets Trump in Philly by Calling him “Bigger Threat” to U.S. Climate in 2nd Term As he Arrives in City During Dangerous Heatwave

The Philadelphia Inquirer headline and subhead: “On climate change, Donald Trump is ready to sell out our future; As president, Trump gutted major climate policies and rolled back more than 125 rules governing clean air, water, and wildlife protection. A second term poses an even bigger threat to the environment.”

PHILADELPHIA, PA – As Donald Trump arrives in Philadelphia for yet another in a series of rallies during brutal heatwaves, he’s being greeted with a scathing rebuke by the Philadelphia Inquirer, who give a stark reminder of the danger a second Trump term poses to Americans.

The paper’s editorial contrasts President Biden’s historic efforts creating good-paying climate jobs with Trump’s promise to destroy as many of those jobs as possible in his day-one dictatorship, laying off thousands of workers and hurting local communities. Nor are they sparing about Trump’s record of gutting critical health and safety protections, letting the corporate polluters who ran his administration pump chemicals linked to cancer, health risks for children, and brain damage into our water.  A collection of key quotes: 

The Philadelphia Inquirer: “The heat dome baking Philadelphia and much of the Northeast should remind voters that climate change is here — and on the ballot in November. But only one presidential candidate has done anything about climate change, or even believes it is real. President Joe Biden has not only called climate change an “existential threat to humanity,” he has also done more to address the problem than his predecessors.

In 2022, Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which marked the largest investment in clean energy ever by adding tax credits and investments in technologies like wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuels. The measure is expected to reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 40% below 2005 levels by 2030. The law is also helping to create good-paying manufacturing jobs, reduce energy costs, and strengthen the country’s energy security. No Republican lawmakers voted for it even though about two-thirds of the green energy projects are in GOP-held districts.  Biden also has Signed a slew of executive orders to fight climate change, including pausing oil and gas drilling on federal lands and creating an office of environmental justice to help communities impacted by toxic pollution. And he reinstated the United States to the Paris climate agreement, which Donald Trump abandoned.  Biden’s climate record stands in stark contrast to Trump’s.”

”Beyond the drivel of his climate comments, Trump’s actions were worse than his words.”…“…Trump installed Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist, to head the EPA. Wheeler proceeded to eliminate the agency’s Office of Science Advisor, Policy, and Engagement while undermining mercury pollution safeguards and weakening air, water, and land regulations.”

“In a recent meeting with oil executives, Trump promised to reverse Biden’s environmental regulations and policies while asking for $1 billion in campaign donations. Griping about regulations by the oil bosses came as the industry posted record profits.

The meeting provided a window into the corrupt and transactional way Trump operates. He is willing to sell out future generations to help himself.  A Trump victory in November would lead to an additional four billion tons of carbon emissions, causing $900 billion in global climate damages, according to an analysis.”

“Given Trump’s threat to the environment, why support a one-man Superfund site?”