ICYMI: Oil Tycoon Offers to Help Trump Pay His Bond

Trump and his campaign are hemorrhaging cash – Big Oil is happy to pick up the tab

Washington, D.C. – Reuters reported that Harold Hamm, a Big Oil billionaire, was lining up to help Donald Trump pay off hundreds of millions of dollars in a civil fraud bond in New York. While that bond has now been reduced to a mere $175 million, it’s not immediately clear how Trump will pay. What is clear is that Big Oil has his back and is willing to help bankroll Trump and his campaign, both of which are hemorrhaging money. The oil & gas lobby has already spent close to $7 million on Trump’s re-election, and Reuters’ reporting uncovers that they’re more than happy to cover his personal finances too. 

A telling response: “Reached by phone and asked about his involvement, Hamm, the founder of oil company Continental Resources, appeared to hang up.”

Hamm is also hosting an upcoming fundraiser for Trump – and we know Trump’s legal defense fund and his campaign are one and the same

“Big Oil will always be there to bail out Donald Trump – and they’ve gotten a great return on their investment,” said Climate Power senior advisor Alex Witt. “During his presidency, Trump gave tax cuts to Big Oil CEOs and companies, stacked the EPA with fuel lobbyists, and slashed environmental protections – and Big Oil will do anything to get him into office again so they can pollute our air and water without consequences and rip customers off at the pump.”