ICYMI: Trump Begs Big Fossil Fuels To Pay His Lawyers By Selling $110 Billion White House Buyout

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump’s 36-hour sprint straight from the courtroom to Big Fossil Fuel fundraisers is already paying dividends. Tim Dunn and coal baron Joe Craft are tossing bags of cash towards legal defense funds for Trump, his co-defendants, and his campaign as both CEOs prepare to collect their share of Trump’s $110 billion tax giveaway that will boost their bottom lines.  

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that Big Oil CEO Tim Dunn has played a major role in funding some of the $3.2 million already spent to help Trump’s co-defendants pay their lawyers, and later on Wednesday night, Trump was busy in Kentucky begging coal baron Joe Craft to pay his criminal defense attorneys along with a cut for his campaign. As the sun rose on Thursday, The Guardian told us why: Trump’s $1 billion “deal” will pay for $110 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil and co., an 11,000% return on investment that even a very stable genius could understand.    

Climate Power managing director of communications Alex Glass released the following statement: “Donald Trump’s rush from the courtroom to Big Fossil Fuel fundraisers in New York, Ohio, Kentucky, and next week’s sequel in Texas makes clear: the promise of $110 billion in tax breaks is very much worth the price of admission of paying Trump’s legal bills. The American people are experiencing pain at the pump because Big Oil wants to continue their rampant profiteering — and to the tune of $1 billion, Trump’s all too happy to give them a blank check.”