ICYMI: Trump Flies 1,600 Miles to Beg Big Oil Billionaire At Lunch, Flying 240 More to Beg Again At Dinner

WASHINGTON, D.C – In case you missed it, here is some background from The Guardian’s story about Trump’s lunch fundraiser in Houston with Big Oil billionaire Kelcy Warren before the start of Trump’s dinner fundraiser in Dallas, also with Big Oil billionaire Kelcy Warren. These two get around.  

The Guardian: “The third co-host of Wednesday’s meeting, Kelcy Warren, is the executive chairman of Energy Transfer Partners – a company with whom Trump has close financial ties.

Throughout the 2024 campaign cycle, Warren has donated more than $800,000 to Trump’s campaign. In the 2020 election cycle, he held at least one fundraiser for the former president in 2020 and donated $10m to a pro-Trump Super PAC.

During his first presidential run in 2016, Trump invested in the company while also receiving more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from Warren, the Guardian found.

Warren appears to have benefited from Trump’s first term: within days of taking office in 2017, Trump approved construction of his company’s highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline, triggering outrage from climate advocates, conservationists and nearby Indigenous tribal organizations.

“Last year, the Texas Tribune found that Energy Transfer Partners profited to the tune of $2.4bn as gas demand soared during Texas’s deadly winter freeze and the ensuing collapse of the state’s energy grid.”