Latino voters showed up for democrats during this midterm election, and climate helped to mobilize them

Latinos showed up during this midterm election in the majority of the battleground states, and they did it for Democrats. Climate Power understood the important role Latino voters were going to play in these midterm elections, and showed it by investing in outreach to Latino voters throughout their targeted digital and mail IE program in all 7 Senate races and all 26 House races. While many will be extracting conclusions about the Latino vote in the next few weeks, what is clear now is that Republicans had a bad night. They not only see their arrogant red wave deflated, but they are hanging neck in neck with democrats in races they felt secure. How did this happen? Latinos play a big part. Here is why:

Republicans paid the price for not supporting climate action during this election cycle, and Latinos pulled through for climate action in key states. Democrats, on the other hand, delivered the most historic climate legislation in United States history, and it paid off. The second fastest-growing voting bloc in the country spoke loud and clear.