WASHINGTON, D.C. – As working families feel the brunt of inflation and the record $400 billion in profits Big Oil racked up at their expense, instead of aiming to lower costs for working families, House Republicans are trying to pass their Polluters Over People Act. Additionally, the MAGA extremist House Freedom Caucus’ proposed budget guarantees higher costs for working families—all in service to the oil and gas CEOs who back their campaigns and have spent tens of millions of dollars on lobbying campaigns and ads designed to deceive consumers.

“MAGA Republicans are willing to risk crashing the economy and keeping energy costs high for working families just so they can give tax breaks to Big Oil,” said Eden Alem, Climate Power spokesperson. “The MAGA budget proposal from the House Freedom Caucus proves yet again how far House Republicans are willing to go to enrich Big Oil and shut down the clean energy economic boom happening across the country. Ironically, the clean energy plan is disproportionately benefitting the states and districts of these very Republicans.”

The slim House GOP majority’s actions shouldn’t come as a surprise—even before the 118th Congress was sworn into office, Republicans were actively plotting to undo the cost-saving progress made by President Biden and Democrats. Last fall, Republicans claimed that they were willing to crash the economy by holding the debt limit hostage in order to eliminate much-needed clean energy incentives that add up to as much as $14,000 per family. And oil and gas lobbyists were actively working with Republicans to roll back the clean energy plan, an agenda they are now putting into action. 

With the Polluters Over People Act and the Freedom Caucus’ budget, Big Oil is seeing their support of MAGA Republicans pay off. In the 2022 election cycle, API and oil and gas companies donated a total of $38.3 million to Republican congressional candidates.