MAGA Republicans Double Down on an Unpopular Pro-Pollution Agenda

Voters overwhelmingly support climate action and holding Big Oil accountable

WASHINGTON, D.C. — There’s no denying that climate and clean energy will play a critical role in the 2024 cycle — just look at last night’s election results. In elections across the country, Big Oil, Donald Trump, and others in the GOP desperately tried to paint key investments in clean energy as a political liability — but resoundingly failed at the ballot box. Tonight, Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP candidates continued to spew Big Oil talking points and doubled down on their pro-pollution agenda. 

Clean energy and climate change will continue to be critical issues — MAGA Republicans’ extremism on climate will cost them in 2024. 

“While President Biden’s clean energy plan is creating good-paying jobs across the country, Republicans are proudly touting their ‘drill, baby drill’ agenda, outright rejecting the existence of climate change — and it’s costing them elections across the country. The largest Big Oil companies made a whopping $27 billion this quarter — enriching their shareholders on the backs of working families,” said Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes. “MAGA Republicans’ solution to Big Oil profiteering? To let Big Oil continue their rampant price gouging at the pump, and drill even more. MAGA Republicans want to derail our climate progress, and kill our clean energy boom — the very same one that benefits their communities. Just like last night, their continued extremism on climate change will be a liability for them in 2024.” 

Climate Power is working to make sure voters understand that MAGA Republicans will gut popular pieces of President Biden’s clean energy plan. 

No matter the community, Americans across the country are benefiting from President Biden’s clean energy plan. Since the passage of President Biden’s clean energy plan, over 210,000 clean energy jobs have been furthered across 44 states and Puerto Rico. Most of the clean energy job growth —120,000 clean energy jobs — are in GOP districts