MEMO: Gas Prices Are High Thanks To Big Oil’s Greed & Extreme Weather

The greed of Big Oil CEOs and climate-fueled extreme weather events are once again leading to high gas prices. If you plan on covering gas prices, the facts speak for themselves: Big Oil CEOs continue to work to protect their bottom line, even if it means price-gouging families in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are wrongly blaming President Biden for high prices, even as oil production is hitting record highs. The GOP refuses to hold the oil and gas industry accountable for its price gouging—maybe because many of them have personally benefited from higher profits. 

At the same time, Pennsylvania families have already dealt with severe flooding this year. While families across the country are watching their energy costs rise due to extreme heat caused by burning fossil fuels, Big Oil continues to turn a blind eye to the implications of the climate disasters they’ve caused.