Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Dave McCormick Touts Ties to Exxon in Response to Voter Concern on Gas Prices

Harrisburg, PA— While on the campaign trail, US Senate candidate David McCormick told a former Marine who mentioned his exasperation with the price of gas that his wife is on the board of Exxon. McCormick’s wife, Dina Powell, was an advisor to former President Trump, as well. This is yet one more example of how out of touch from everyday Americans MAGA Republicans like McCormick and Trump are. Thanks to their close ties with oil and gas industry executives, these politicians seem to have no qualms about waging what Politico has referred to as “all-out war on climate science”.

“This absurd, callous comment by David McCormick is all the proof we need that he doesn’t care about the wellbeing of Pennsylvanians,” said Climate Power’s States Managing Director Saumya Narechania. “Americans are making tough choices, but instead of listening to and empathizing with his voters, McCormick is touting his wife’s ties to a corporation making money off the backs of Americans. Energy costs are a serious concern, and they’re being driven higher by the greed of Big Oil. To solve this and to meaningfully tackle climate change, we need leaders who will invest in our families and workers by fueling the clean energy boom and stand up to greedy corporations.”

Under the Biden-Harris administration’s clean energy plan, Pennsylvania has seen more than $875 million in investment in the past year and a half. Four of Pennsylvania’s eight projects are in Republican-held districts, representing 50% of all projects in the state, $276.1 million in investment, and hundreds of new jobs. Should MAGA Republicans like David McCormick and Donald Trump win this November, they will undoubtedly do everything they can to roll back this progress. 

Fast facts about Exxon’s impact on Pennsylvania

McCormick’s home state of Connecticut is suing Exxon for climate disinformation.