MEMO: President Biden Is Creating Manufacturing and Construction Jobs

Today, President Biden visited Racine County, Wisconsin, to announce a new $3.3 billion investment by Microsoft to build a new artificial intelligence data center, an investment projected to lead to 2,300 union construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs. 

Wisconsinites may remember that Trump visited this same location when he was president as part of an announcement for a $10 billion Foxconn facility — a project that drastically failed

A critical swing state in the election and the host of the 2024 Republican presidential convention, Wisconsin will help decide whether America continues down the path of a clean energy boom and reduced emissions, or turns our back on jobs and lower costs for families for the sake of tax breaks for Big Oil. 

We fact-checked a few of Trump’s claims from his visit to Waukesha last week:

Here are Joe Biden’s top clean energy and climate accomplishments in Wisconsin:

Despite the economic benefits and savings for all Americans, Trump has vowed to gut Biden’s Clean Energy Plan “on day one.” Republicans have already tried more than 31 times to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act. If President Biden’s clean energy plan gets repealed, Wisconsin communities across the country stand to lose jobs and businesses stand to lose funding. 

Wisconsin’s Republican districts may be the most impacted. Nine of the state’s 11 new clean energy projects are in Republican-held districts, representing 81.81% of all projects in the state, 91% of jobs (1,012), and 51.1% of investments ($470 million).